A pair of urns.

A heavy old pair of cast iron urns.


Tree seat.

A wrought Iron tree seat, breaks into two pieces. Strong heavy piece.


A hand carved stone trough.

A beautiful carved stone trough by Ade Slack. What trades man.


Root seat.

An three seater, heavy root seat, very strong and sturdy.


A copper rain gauge.

An unusual old piece. 

Breaks down into three pieces.


An antique stone trough.

A lovely example of a grit stone trough carved by hand.


A pair of large bronze cranes.

Weighing in at over 100 kgs.

Mother, father and young crane in bronze.


A hand carved sandstone font.

Stunning piece from a church in Cumbria.

Breaks down into four pieces.


A Green Goddess Fire Engine Ladder.

What a rare piece.

Brass rivets and plates throughout this wooden ladder.


Marble face.

A very unusual piece made from solid marble with a signature to the rear.


Galvanised bins.

Extra large galvanised bins.


An Earthenware Urn.

An early 20th century urn with a beautiful patina.


A pair of clamshells.

A rare pair of original clamshells measuring 28 centimetres in length.


Antique Cast Iron boy.

An antique cast iron boy playing a flute in beautiful condition.


Antique lead herb planter.

A rare item, sadly has some nibbles to the edges.


Bronze frog water feature.

A stunning bronze fog water feature, outstanding quality piece.


A wrought Iron pergola.

A spectacular wrought iron pergola, made from solid bar with built in seating.


Wrought Iron chairs.

Two pairs of wrought Iron chairs . 


A large Antique Copper Pot.

A very large copper pot with beautiful patina on a later stand.



A large bronze/brass Buddha.


Hand carved stone Corbels.

A pair of hand carved sandstone corbels.

From a Yorkshire church.


Victorian Mill Basket.

An original mill basket from a mill in Pudsey.


Art Deco Table.

A beautiful example from around 1910.

Slight damage to the stem but still 100% sturdy.


Original Victorian lamp.

A stunning original Victorian hanging lamp by Foster and Bullen.


A first Aid box.

An old metal first aid box with original shelves inside along with hanging hooks.


Grape hods.

Antique wooden grape hods, five available .


Wrought Iron Candle Holder.

An unusual and wrought Iron fifteen candle holder.


Snail tap.

A super cute cast iron snail tap.


Duck boot scraper.

A lovely cast iron boot scraper.


Wrought Iron Victorian strap bench.

An extremely heavy Victorian wrought Iron strap bench, has had repairs to legs.


A Victorian Cheese Press.

A fine example of a cast iron Victorian cheese press.


Copper Weather Vane

A spectacular example of a 19th century copper weather vane.


Bronze Geese

A stunning pair of life size bronze geese.



A hand made aluminium golfer.

Really cool item.


Original wooden fairground pig.

Beautiful 1920’s/1930’s fairground pig. All original.


Pair of bronze herons.

A stunning pair of heavy bronze herons. Largest one is 115 cms tall.


Metal tool box.

Lovely vintage drawer tool box.


Cast iron Fairy.

Stunning piece, very heavy.


Cast Iron Bench.

Very heavy cast iron bench.



Reconstituted stone shield.

Two available.

£25 each.

Rocking bench and side table.

Beautiful quality wrought iron rocking bench and side table.


Galle Lamp.


Laboratory Stands.

£20 each.

Bronze Frog Tap.


Cast Iron Ceherubs.


Bronze Shop bell.


Lead Gargoyle.


Railway Truck.

Two trucks and one handle. 


Lead Water Feature.


Wrought Iron Bench.


A pair of nuns foot baths.

cast iron.


Weather vane.

Victorian Cast iron.


Riley Scoreboard.


An Anglo Indian Chair.

Rams head detail.


Victorian Plant Stand.


18th Century Anvil.

A very rare item.


Wire Work Bench.


Wire Plant Stand.


Cast Iron Strong box.


Wrought iron bench.


Reconstituted stone Statue.


Pair of Urns.

A beautiful pair of cast iron fluted urns.


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Cast Iron Frog.


Jeremy Frog.

Cast Iron Frog water feature.


Wooden drawers.


Reconstituted Stone Urn.


Antiques are Green.

Great for the environment.


Galle Lamp.


Wrought Iron side table.


Laboratory stands.

£20 each.

Wrought Iron Basket.


Opeline shades with Galleries.

Four available.

£25 each.

Antique Shop Bell.


Frog Tap.

Brass frog tap.



7’ tall globe.

From the four corners of the earth they come to kiss the shrine.


A pair of reconstituted stone Lions.


Victorian strap bench.

A genuine Victorian wrought iron strap bench from a park in Penrith, Cumbria.


Wooden Sign.

An old wooden sign.


Willy Guhi planters.

1960’s Eternit planters by Willy Guhi.


A Pair of Antique French Doors.


Terracotta Dragon.

An antique terracotta dragon mounted on a marble base.


Light up Ford Sign.

Probably from a Ford dealer. Newly wired with LED’s.


Step Ladders.

Made of exceptional quality from a school.


Blacksmith made coathooks.

Beautiful piece.


A Rupert Oliver Leaf Chair.

A stunning swing chair.


Two metal plant stands.

A pair of heavy metal plant stands.


Bronze French Lamp.

A lovely adjustable French Lamp


metal chicken.

A lovely metal chicken.


Reconstituted stone boy and girl.

A lovely weathered reconstituted stone statue.


A pair of French doors.

A wooden pair of French doors with original paint.


1920’s style lady.

A reconstituted stone 1920’s style lady. 


Antique copper pot.

A beautiful copper pot on wrought iron stand.


A military campaign chair


Reconstituted stone water feature.

A vintage water feature with lovely patina.


Vintage step ladders.

Made of the best quality.


Ford sign.

A great light up vintage Ford sign.


Reconstituted stone cherub.

Lovely patina to this one. 


Wrought iron shelves.

Lovely Heavy duty wrought iron shelves, 2 available. 


Stunning pair of life size bronze deer.

A pair of life size bronze deer. You will not find a nicer example, the stag stands at a spectacular 1.8 meters. 


A beautiful Victorian double sided railway bench, it is a huge 3.35 meters long. The back moves to enable you to sit facing either way. There is a disc embossed into the back rest with the makers mark 'The North of England School, Darlington Furnishing Co'

A beautiful Victorian railway bench.

This bench is unusual that it is double sided, the back rest moves to enable you to sit facing either way. it is a huge 3.35 meters long. Embossed into the back rest is a brass disc with the maker mark 'The North of England School Darlington furnishing Co'.


Hardwood root seat

This unique root seat is made from a single piece of wood. It is a sensational piece that would grace any garden, incredibly heavy measuring 1.63 meters long, 1.22 meters long by 0.71 meters wide. 


Printers Cabinet.

21 Wooden drawers inside a metal frame.


Carousel Horse

An absolutely stunning wooden carousel horse by renowned maker Fredrick Heym of Germany. 

Around 1900’s.


Hardwood root seat

Another unique root seat, made from one single piece of wood. It measures 1.3 meters long, 1.22 meters high by 0.72 meters wide. it is extremely comfortable and certainly won't blow away in the strongest of storms.


Antique swivel office chair.

A lovely office chair with green leather seat.


Victorian mahogany chest

This mahogany veneered chest has a beautiful patina. The chest is unusual in having the large drawer at the top. Some wear and tear as you would expect for its age, original handles, three of the four locks are present.


Aspreys of London brass duck bookends.

1950's solid brass ducks with a leather covering to base. Makers mark underneath 'Aspreys of London'. Beautiful quality and condition.


Singer sewing chair.

A very rare mid 20th century singer chair from a factory in Manchester. The seat has been decoupaged with a button print with the Singer name embossed into the back.


Set of six chairs.

These beautiful French chairs have hand tooled leather bases.

Stamped on the underside ‘ made in Paris’


Church Safe.

A very rare 19th century church safe.

It has three lockable doors including one internal glass one.


Original 1950's Parking sign 

A cast iron round parking sign on cast iron base. In un¬restored original condition. Standing app 1.2 meters tall.


French Trunk.

A beautiful French trunk made from wood with tin inserts.


Stunning work bench.

This is the nicest example of a workbench that I have ever seen, it has still got the original wooden vices on it. It would make an amazing addition to any kitchen or living space.


Terracotta urn.

Beautiful old handmade terracotta wine urn, possibly Italian. Lying on two feet.


Cast iron roof spire.

At 19th century heavy cast iron roof spire. Standing 1.09 meters tall, split to base but for an item that has been outside for so many years it has aged incredibly well.


Singer Stool.

Vintage industrial singer stool in beautiful condition, it winds up and down to adjust height between 63 cms & 44 cms.


Teak driftwood vase

Very tactile floor standing vase, made from numerous pieces of teak. Standing app 1.2 meters. It could be used indoors or out.


Angle Poise Lamp

1930's Herbert & Terry angel poise lamp, polished aluminium.


Bar Skittles Game

A great 1950's game in original condition. It comes complete with scoreboard and self erecting skittles. A fun antique game.